GST-M200 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel



☆ Single loop fire alarm control panel listed by UL
☆ Optional 2 loops with additional loop card
☆ Loop capacity: 230 intelligent devices for 1st loop, 242 devices for 2nd loop
☆ 2 Style Y Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC)
☆ 3 fixed relay outputs for fire/fault/supervisory
☆ Optional GMC connection
☆ Optional USB printer interface
☆ Walk Test function
☆ Positive Alarm Sequence (PAS) per point
☆ Programmable from panel keypad and pc software

Optional Components
Model number Description
LC200 Loop Card
P-9930 RS232 Communication Card
P-M9930Modbus RS232 ModBus Communication Card
P-M9960A CAN Network Card


Download:GST-M200_DS10103235 Datasheet

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