GST-MNA2C Network Annunciator


    ☆ LCD display unit of 800 ×480,7.0 inch color TFT LCD
    ☆ Capacitive Touch screen
    ☆ Class A CAN network interface
    ☆ Receive message from FACP through network
    ☆ Send command (Reset, Silence, Ack etc.) to other FACP through network
    ☆ History file 100,000 events capacity
    ☆ Advanced history filters allow sorting by event, time, date, address etc
    ☆ Password and key-protected nonvolatile memory
    ☆ User programmable password
    ☆ UL listed
    ☆ Two colors, White and Gray

Technical Specifications

    ☆Standard: UL864
    ☆Operating Voltage: 24VDC (20VDC - 28VDC)
    ☆Standby Power Consumption≤ 6W
    ☆Maximum Power Consumption≤ 12W
    ☆Maximum 250 nodes for Network
    ☆Maximum distance between two neighbor nodes is 2,500m with 18AWG or 3,000m with 16AWG.
    ☆ Operating Environment:
            Temperature: 0℃ - +49℃
            Relative Humidity≤ 95%, non-condensing
    ☆ Dimension: 420mm×350mm×100mm


Download:GST-MNA2C_DS10105789 Datasheet

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