DC-9105E Conventional Reflective Beam Detector


    ☆ 24V powered.
    ☆ Optical Pathway 5 -100 Meters.
    ☆ Maximum monitoring area: 14 x100=1400m2
    ☆ Maximum width: 14m
    ☆ Combination of the emitting and receiving part makes mounting easy and optical pathway accurate.
    ☆ Built-in microprocessor enables intelligent judgment about fire alarm and fault.
    ☆ Easy alignment and commissioning via supporting of onboard laser pointer and digital signal intensity indication.

    ☆ Self-diagnostic function can monitor the internal fault.
    ☆ Drift compensation for factors changing, such as a certain of dust accumulation, positional excursion, and ageing transmitter.
    ☆ Onboard N/O fire output and N/C fault dry contact output.
    ☆ Four sensitivity levels can be set in field.
    ☆ LPCB Approved

Technical Specifications

    ☆ Operating Voltage: 24VDC (18V~28V)
   Commissioning current: ≤ 20mA
    Standby current: ≤ 12mA
   Alarm current: ≤ 22mA
    ☆ Angle of Adjusting -6°to +6°
   Maximum angular misalignment ±0.5°
    ☆ Sensitivity Level:
   Level 1: 1.3dB
   Level 2: 1.8dB (factory default)
   Level 3: 2.3dB
   Level 4: 2.8dB
    ☆ Operating Environment:
   Temperature: -10°C - +50°C
   Relative Humidity≤ 95%, non- condensing
    ☆ Ingress Protection Rating:
   IP20 without glue-seal
   IP66 through glue-seal treatment
    ☆ Material and Color of Enclosure: ABS, gray
    ☆ Dimensions: 206mm X 95mm X 95mm
    ☆ Weight: 450g


Download:DC-9105E_DS10106205 Datasheet

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