Overview of GST

Gulf Security Technology Co., Ltd, GST, is a key player in China¡¯s fire and security industry and a trusted provider of comprehensive fire system solutions around the world. It is a subsidiary of UTC¡ªUnited Technologies Corporation¡ªa high-tech innovator in the building solutions and aerospace industries with wide global reach.
GST provides a wide range of fire products and customized fire system solutions tailored to the needs of different industries. With a sales infrastructure that covers many countries and regions, and includes a China-wide network of more than 140 sales offices and several logistics centers, GST has become an important part of UTC¡¯s global business.
To satisfy the needs of its global customer base, GST has established extensive R&D facilities in Beijing and Qinhuangdao in northern China. It constantly strives to develop innovative new technologies and products and add to its portfolio of patent-protected intelligent fire systems.
GST¡¯s factory in Qinhuangdao is a world-class manufacturing base, producing intelligent electronic products that incorporate cutting-edge technology. To ensure superior product quality, it has advanced manufacturing and inspection equipment and strong capabilities in quality control and process management.
GST is one of only a few companies to have earned a range of national and international certificates of conformity to standards such as China¡¯s CCCF, the international UL, the global LPCB, Europe¡¯s CE, etc.

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